Initiative Tracker - How to

  1. Start typing a creature's name into one of the name fields.
  2. Select one of the autocomplete options for the creature's stats and a link to it's D&D beyond page or type in any other name you want!
  3. Continue adding creatures, clicking the "+" icon in the bottom right if you need more rows.
  4. Type numbers in the initiative column or click the d20 button for random ones (including the creatures initiative bonus).
  5. Click the sort button to sort creatures by their turn order.
  6. Click the "next" button during play to advance the turn and round.
  7. Give your encounter a name by clicking the "Unnamed encounter" section. Sign in with Google to save your encounters.
  8. To create a new encounter, click the "+" icon next to the name. Click the Folder icon to load an existing encounter.