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Moving your in-person game online

In recent months, it has simply not been possible for most to run their usual table-top game in person. So your left with a couple of options, wither wait in out until you can next play again or switch to remote play online.

This transition can be tricky for some, swapping miniatures and boards for virtual ones, or going to a voice chat only game, there are many ways to get the next best thing. In this post, we’ll discuss a few different options.

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Taking notes between D&D sessions

Taking notes in D&D is vital for any game with a story worth keeping track of. For players characters, it’s on a personal preference for what you jot down, but in this post, we will figure out how to keep track of your adventure from the point of view of a dungeon master.

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Building Cities & Towns in D&D

Building an entire city town or village for your fantasy game can seem very daunting at first, but can also be one of the most fulfilling parts of your worldbuilding adventure. This is where the people of your story live and where your players will first explore. It’s where the lore and storytelling take shape in a way previously untouched.

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Worldbuilding from beginning to end

How to create a campaign setting for D&D and similar systems.

Ever since I ran my first D&d 5e campaign I’ve aspired to create my own world with deep lore with a slew of locations and NPC’s with enough depth to withstand any adventure thrown at it. I went straight into the deep end with this in mind when I began creating my own adventure, with little knowledge of what it takes to make a compelling universe. At the time I deemed my efforts rather unsuccessful, however, I learnt a lot and now feel I can do much better.

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