Dm Tools Bronze, Silver & Gold

  • 24.06.2021
  • Nathan

If you haven’t already heard, DM Tools now has premium features as part of the new subscription plans, Bronze, Silver & Gold. All new users are part of the free tier, Bronze, from here you have the option of upgrading to our paid tiers, Silver and Gold for extra features and to be ready for future upgrades to existing services.


What do I get?

You can find a breakdown of the differences between tiers on the subscription page, but we will go over a few of the changes to the site here.

The biggest change is the new structure of dungeons:

  • Users can now create a campaign to house all of their different maps in.
  • They can then invite their friends to the campaign rather than each individual room.
  • Once your players are in a campaign, you can create new rooms and move everyone to the new maps at will.
  • Campaigns use invite codes which can be sent out by the DM. Once clicked, the players have the campaign added to their lobby.
  • Silver and Gold users are able to add more campaigns, more rooms and upload more custom tokens and images than Bronze users.

Dungeons remains in alpha for the time being while we work out the bugs and are feature complete for version 1.0.

Dungeons is a big project and as such there are a ton of features that will come down the line.

Coming Soon:

  • Advanced room management
  • Campaign user management
  • More free & premium tokens and images
  • 3D Tokens
  • Token number tracking (HP, AC)
  • 3rd party Integrations
  • Doors!
  • Measuring tool
  • Cardinal directions
  • Private DM layer

General site features coming soon:

  • Profile picture badges showing what tier you’re in
  • Bronze, Silver & Gold dice for applicable tiers
  • Online shared dice rolls
  • Customisable dice

Your support not only gains you goodies on the site, but helps keep everything running and growing and the site becomes bigger and more people get involved.

Thank you to everyone who has helped grow the site thus far.